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2019 - Superrally, Himos, FIN
A Finn-Win Situation

2019 - Superrally, Himos, FIN

There are decisions in life that can have long consequences. In this case, the consequences were 2.000 kilometers long one way, 'cos we had decided to go to the Finnish Superrally. After attending the Czech and Polish Superrallies in the past years this year we again rounded up a few of our long distance-loving friends to bring you a few glimpses of what you were missing out on.

Who can forget the first Superrally in 1975, when a couple of European Harley clubs decided to get together once a year, switching countries every year. This time the destination was to be Finland, to be more precise the skiing resort Himos some 250 kilometers North of Helsinki. Yeah, that's quite a few gas stops to make when you start out from Würzburg.

The navigation notes scribbled

on the tank were simple: Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, get on the ferry, Turku, welcome! All the way we had the sun shining on our backs, pushing H-D's almost semi-complete engine history on. There was one Big Twin flathead, 2 Panheads, 3 Shovels, one Evo, one TwinCam and one Milwaukee Eight. In Turku we were joined by another 15 riders on their way North.

When we finally got to Himos everything had been set up FINNtastically.

9.000 were enjoying the good vibes,

the Finnish beer, the many bands, dudes rumbling up and down the grounds on terrific bikes, the big blue lake and the large sunny lawns by the landing stage. It could have been a perfect weekend, but on Saturday the weather changed into thunderstorm mode and flooded the campground, with a few tents being blown away. But on our way back home the skies were blue again, and the grins on our faces got wider, thinking back to our little jaunt into the Finnish underbrush. We even contemplated staying in the area for the next Superrally in Sweden :) But that would mean a ton of miles less on the odometer, and that's definitely not what we would want … :)