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Cannonball Electric Starter Systems
Cannonball StealthStarter SSK-S Kick Drive Swingarm Frame

Cannonball StealthStarter SSK-S Kick Drive Swingarm Frame

The Cannonball StealthStarter system converts your classic kickstart-only motorcycle to electric start. After installation you just push the button or turn the key to fire up your classic Big Twin.

The Cannonball SSK electric start system bolts between kicker cover and transmission case. The stock kick starter can be retained. Due to the system’s low profile, only 19 mm wide construction the overall appearance of your motorcycle will remain virtually unchanged. Primary drive, primary housing and oil tank will stay untouched.

Installation is fairly easy and straightforward. The kit includes everything needed for the conversion except for the extended throwout bearing, battery, wires and starter button/switch.

If the bike is still equipped with an early stock 6 V electrical system, you will have to convert this to 12 V. Depending on the configuration some other options are available separately.

Since the kicker cover moves 19 mm to the right the following modifications may be necessary:

  • A stock 2-1 exhaust system will have to be routed slightly outward to compensate for the offset of the kicker cover.
  • A longer clutch release lever will be necessary on rod actuated configurations like Moustraps or Footclutch. A longer lever can be ordered seperately if needed.
  • A extentended throwout bearing M U S T be ordered seperately for your type of clutch pushrod since the stock pushrod will be 19 mm too short.

In case your bike uses the older 47698-65 transmission mounting plate with the extension for the primary adjuster screw, the extension needs to be removed or our Cannonball SSK-S transmission mounting plate needs to be used.

Just like on a kickstart system the Cannonball SSK System starts the engine by turning the transmission mainshaft. And just like on a kickstart system you SHOULD NEVER actuate the starter with the bike in gear. If you do so the starter motor will move the bike forward no matter if the clutch is pulled. This can be avoided however by wiring the starter button through the neutral switch.

Under protection of patent PCT/EP2019/063121.

  • fits swingarm frame 4-speed Big Twins 1958-1985
  • steel / aluminum
  • 1.4 kW
  • Austria

CB Cannonball Starter Systems Batteries

W&W recommends the use of Antigravity 12-cell or 16-cell batteries.

CB SSK Prevents Rolling Backwards

With the bike in gear and clutch disengaged, it does not roll backwards anymore. This is a helpful feature, when taking off uphill, particularly in combination with a foot clutch.
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Cannonball StealthStarter SSK-S Kick Drive Swingarm Frame
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