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Hang 'em hi, Enköping, S

So last year we actually stumbled into this neighbourhood party by pure chance and guided by reflections of sunrays on chrome radiator grilles and endless upsweeps peeping over the hedges when we rode by on our long forked flathead. This year, we intentionally combusted our way to the Strul* MCC's get together in Enköping, Sweden. Which went under the rebel yell "HANG ’EM HI" motto, meaning "High level hang out" or something of the like. The action was happening at the municipal Motorpark, which is situated in a shady grove in lovely Enköping.

It was a family afternoon in every way:

tents, children, bike shows without the show stress, sissy bars with pallets of beer, open belt drives, upsweep pipes so long the noise got lost inside :). Most of the stuff on the bikes was home made in Sweden and adjacent countries. The bikes were relaxed. The people: relaxed, nordic and friendly. The night was a long one. We wouldn't be surprised to see some or all of those we had a beer with again at the Twin Club MC's Custom Bike Show in Norrtälje. See you later, dudes! Skol! Prost and Rømpømpømpøm!

In case you wanted to know, *Strul MCC stands

for Strul Motorcycle Club, and "Strul" means "messing around" in English. Or "hassle". Or "bad news", whatever your angle is. Which means the club firmly belongs among the ranks of the so-called "raggare", the Swedish version of greasers, young men and women in the spirit of "The Wild One" (with Marlon Brando) or "Jailhouse Rock" (with Elvis Presley) who were more interested in a slick hairdo, US cars, denim trousers, rockabilly music and getting it on than in a mortgage and fitted kitchens. To keep this menace to a sedate Swedish lifestyle in check, the city elders gave the abandoned "Folkparken" to Enköping's sideburn sporting, plaid shirt wearing and hopped up sickles (and US cars) riding youths. Thus in 1970 the Motorgården, the Motor Farm was founded. The rebels grew older, had their own families and the park slowly faded into oblivion after the last show in 1985. But, the MCC was founded around the same time. A name soon was found. "There's always trouble when we hit the streets – we might as well name the club Strul". In 1993 the park got a rejuvenating make-over by setting up a mechanical workshop. Ever since, there's partying on the agenda on a regular basis. And if they don't go to Norrtälje to do some more partying, they'll be here, wrenching away.