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Roadkill OUTSIDE OILERS T-Shirts


When the road is rutted and rock-strewn, there’s added wear and tear to your T-shirt.

100% prewashed cotton. Digitally printed. Wash separately. Or just let it absorb that road grime.

  • cotton 150 g/m², white

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S&S P-Series Engines

S&S P-Series Engines

The Panhead engine, which was originally produced from 1948 until 1965, has been hailed as the coolest looking classic engine of all time and the new P-Series engines from S&S captures that retro styling from the 50’s and 60’s, but with 21st century engineering. These engines were built to run and are loaded with modern technology. The heads are a new design based on the S&S Shovelhead SH-Series engines, topped with roller rockers (1.500 ratio). Also incorporated is the S&S hydraulic valve train, increasing cam choices dramatically and improving oiling throughout the engine. All P-Series engines feature 1958-65 style flywheel assemblies, which use a splined sprocket shaft and a Timken sprocket shaft bearing on the drive side. This increases flywheel stability and handles the significantly increased power development.
P-series engines are available in two versions to fit 1948-’99 style chassis. The first is designed for 1955-‘64 style tin primary applications, but can also be installed in 1948-’54 chassis if a 1955-’64 style inner tin primary cover is used. The second version fits 1965-’69 style chassis using the early alloy primary. Match your performance needs with a choice of displacements: 74” (1200cc) and 93” (1530cc). All versions will fit in your stock frame. Included with every P-series engine are a Super E carburetor and a S&S Super Stock ignition with billet timer housing. Exhaust flanges are designed to accept Shovelhead type pipes.
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