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2019 - Okie Dokie Vintage Race, Kawagoe, J

2019 - Okie Dokie Vintage Race, Kawagoe, J

If you missed the december 2018 Yokohama show (boooo!) and like your motorbikes loud and noisy (yeaaah!) instead of spending the day in a crowded hall, you were in for some real comfort a couple of days after the Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show. Here comes the Okie Dokie Vintage Race.

It’s a dirt track race with machines that in any other place would stay in the sheltered space of museums. Here the parking lot alone looked as if half of the Yokohama show bikes had been ridden here by their owners.

Speaking of brats: The race organizer was BratStyle – a not entirely unknown customizer to the aficionado – and they had reserved a bit of track in a big offroad park near Kawagoe in Saitama prefecture, 40 kilometers out of Tokyo. The sponsor’s list read as a who’s who of the best in this scene, and many of the fun loving drivers risked not only their bones but also their motorized treasures. Some 100 riders rolled up to the start line in these classes: Tank Shift, Choppers, Vintage Single, Vintage Twin, Hooligan, Woman Class, Open Class and Slow Race. The quality of the fine machines being roughed up on the track was awesome. 

A fine day and no major mishaps made for a fun event for all.

In the pauses between races there was much to bee seen from close up, limited merchandise was on sale for that special souvenir, and even the catering had shifted up a gear or two: a Yokohama steakhouse had everything ready from tacos, curry, soup and steak sandwiches to keep the riders going. When caffeine levels dropped to danger level, the DEUS Café from Harajuku prevented the worst. 

Let’s hope that Bratstyle made many friends with this awesome day out and we can look forward to the next Vintage Race. Which we would find Okie dokie!