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2018 - Glemseck 101, D

2018 - Glemseck 101, D

If you’re going to the Glemseck 101, you know what to expect. Burnt rubber, roaring engines, a load of homebuilt drag bikes, the big brands showing off their latest stuff, great atmosphere. In short, a meeting to warm the heart of aficionados. The only snag is, Harleys aren’t at the centre of events for a change.

Instead, it’s an impressive round up of German, European and Japanese bikes, plus all their incarnations derived from thoroughly mixing all their components, from NORZUKI to completely home brewed sprint monsters. And don’t get us started on the visitors’ bikes :) 

If you can take off your Harley-tinted

glasses for a minute, you could find tons of inspiration and building ideas beyond yesterday’s conventional metric vs. standard wisdom.

The action may be rough and wild and hair-raising at the Glemseck 101, but it’s a jolly-spirited party before and after, gearheads and wrench wielding petrol sniffers having a ball, letting it all hang out on and off the track. The 1/8th mile on the legendary Solitude racetrack in southern Germany was the venue for the countless race classes, and there was rubber frying duel after rubber frying duel all day long.

One opponent could not be outrun

this year though: the weather. Only the Saturday stayed dry enough for an umbrella free edition of the StarrWars, the 1/8th mile for rigid framed bikes. Aaaah, and here we were again with a couple of rigid Milwaukee irons battling bravely each other. But even without our favourite brand playing a major role, Glemseck 101 should be right at the top of every mopedista’s calendar.