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2018 - Speedo Al Lido - Roll&Flat, Caorle, I

2018 - Speedo Al Lido - Roll&Flat, Caorle, I

Rev counters twitching all over the Mediterranean beaches. Riders giving their hosses the whip. Sand by the bucketful, being catapulted into the stratosphere. Si, signori (e signorine), for yet another (six, if you want a figure) time the Boccini Bros and the 50 Brothers CC asked to the Roll&Flat, the sandiest showdown in the motociclismo calendar.

But before everything else we take the ride in Jack’s ’58 Cadillac to the first pre-party of the weekend. Eraclea is the venue, and before you can say “two pizze with everything and molto cheese” we’re on our way back to the real pre-party. Well chilled fluids are in ample supply, the night’s sound track is being hand produced by the UB Dolls, four ladies working the electric guitars, the mic and the drumset, making the gents’ hormones dancing the stroker fandango into the small hours of the morning.

Oh, yeah, there’s a race on too.

Starting time is a manageable 10:30. The idea is to a) make it to the finish line just 1/8th of a mile away and b) be faster than everybody else and your hangover. This elusive feat was miraculously accomplished (as last year) by Willi Miller by beating the other 49 motorsickles and their riders. We wonder what role Willi’s new 103 cu.in. Shovel engine played in all of this. Our Swiss friends of McSands were tearing up the sands quicker than most of the others too. Their tool of choice was again a Shovel, this one with 93 cu.in.. Coincidence?

One major drawback of all this being faster

than the others is this: you have to come back to race again, while the slower guys can sit by the trackside and have a drink or two and enjoy the racing. After a while of this everyone is ready for the evening, yet another party in the big marquee on the beach, with live music until the cows come home.

The Sunday sees the usual exclamations of “No way it’s time to go home again already?”. Let’s sum up together: Big grazie to the organizers and yes, Corsa al lido? Sempre splendido!