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Kellermann Atto RB Tail and Stoplight

Extremely small and spectacularly bright combination of taillight and stop light. Its light surface would fit four times on a 1 Cent coin! This offers amazing styling options for your motorcycle. The Bullet Atto RB literally disappears on the bike and will only draw attention when it really has to. But then it flashes with an intensity unprecedented with this size. Besides the proven Kellermann HighPower LED technology it uses the new EXtranz technology (=Extreme Optical Transparency). All electronics are housed in the tiny casing, so it can be directly plugged into the 12 volt system. Available for horizontal or vertical mounting.

  • aluminum / steel
  • length: 14 mm
  • Ø 10 mm
  • bulb type: LED
  • thread: M5 x 0.5
  • 12 V
  • red colored
  • with stop light
  • E13 approved
  • Germany

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TLT-Moto CAN-Switchbox V5K

TLT-Moto CAN-Switchbox V5K

On recent Harley models the complete electrics and electronics are managed by two or three computers: the ECU for the entire motor management, the ABS module - if so equipped - for the regulation and control of the brakes, and the Body Control Module - in short called BCM -, i.e. the computer that manages the whole communication between switches and buttons, lighting, instruments, and indicators. A brief example: it's no longer the brake light switch that commands the brake light in the rear of the bike. The brake light switch just sends a pulse to the BCM, which then in turn lights the bulb.
All three computers communicate with each other by means of a data bus, the so-called CAN-bus. The customizers' nemesis now is that the BCM can only work with pulses and signals from OEM switches and buttons, and that only OEM instruments and indicators can correctly interprete its data packets. All in all rather swampy ground for successful customizing.
Here the TLT-Moto CAN-switchbox enters the scenery. It works with custom switches' inputs, provides the correct signals for custom speedos and tachometers, switches on indicators, and takes over the entire communication with the BCM. This in turn doesn't even take notice of the bunch of foreign stuff around it, presumes to be working with OEM periphery, and your Harley runs as always, with no error codes or vehicle-downs.
The CAN-switchbox has - besides power, ground and bus-connections - 11 input and 9 output channels and provides 6 switched grounds for indicator LEDs. Connecting the CAN-switchbox is no big deal, but requires a bit of care. And previous experience with electronics is welcome.
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