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BDL 8 mm Belt Drives for 4-Speed Big Twin

for Big Twin 1955-1984

When it comes to belt drive systems you don’t want to make compromises, because dependability is what counts most here. The tried and tested BDL beltdrive systems range among the highest quality drive train products available for the Harley-Davidson aftermarket.

Due to various circumstances (improper selection, installation and maintenance) and applications under which belt drives are used, W&W Cycles is not liable for damaged belts.

Dry clutches generate noises when the clutch is disengaged. The noise level depends on condition and construction of the clutch plates. If the primary drive is run open (i.e. without primary housing), these noises can be heard.

  • for open or closed applications
  • 132 tooth belt
  • width: 1-1/2”
  • sprocket shaft type: splined
  • pitch: 8 mm

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