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Duluth Pack Bedrolls

Tent … or no tent … With the Duluth Pack bedroll, that’s not even a question, because it is the perfect compromise when you’re out with your bike, and spontaneously want to sleep under the stars. In the warmer seasons it gets you a plus of comfort and in colder weather an extra dose of warmth and protection. Cold and dew are kept away from your sleeping bag or your woollen blanket to keep you dry in your sleep. The Duluth bedroll is made of a heavy, sturdily hemmed canvas, and can be rolled up and fixed to your bike with two straps of high quality leather. The three-layer structure divides the Duluth bedroll into two chambers. The bottom chamber can accommodate a foam or inflatable mattress for more comfort, while the upper chamber has enough room for your sleeping bag and yourself. For easy entry and/or exit there are two YKK zippers installed along the length of the bedroll. It’s possible to open the top chamber on both sides for more comfort. A zippered pocket is sewn in at the head end. Keep your valuables in it or stuff a sweater in for a comfy pillow.

Still want to go with a tent?

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Bedroll by Duluth Pack; canvas, Pack Size: Lengh: 50cm / diameter: 24cm ; length x width: 210 x 101 cm; net weight: 3.5 kg; USA
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87-661 Duluth Pack Bedrolls black $450.11 each
in stock
87-662 Duluth Pack Bedrolls olive drab, waxed $618.07 each
in stock
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