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The GasBox Cigar Style Seamed Mufflers

Very authentic reproductions of the original mufflers with correct details like the spot-welded bottom seam. These are very hard to tell from the factory equipment and accepted by the AMCA on restored motorcycles.

These parts are not sufficiently homologated for the use within the purview of German road traffic laws. Therefore, use within Germany is only possible on the race-track, for show and exhibition purposes or for restoration of veteran vehicles. Which parts are legal for veteran-restoration, depends on the respective assembly group and the vehicle's age and must be seen about with the autorities in charge.

Outside of Germany, the homologation and a possible use in road traffic must be seen about with the local authorities in charge.

  • fits Panhead 1950-1960
  • steel
  • header Ø: 1-3/4”
  • muffler Ø: 3-1/4 ”
  • USA

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