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6 V Antigravity AG-802 Lithium Ion Battery

The Antigravity Battery AG-802 is a 6-volt 8-Cell Lithium Ion battery, extremely light and in an extremely small case that will easily fit all horsehoe type oiltanks or early battery boxes. It is made for those who ride classic older bikes that run the 6-Volt system and is a very reliable compact replacement for the bulky and large 6-volts of the past. It is only meant to power the ignition of your bike, not to run a starter motor. The AG-802 can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no parasitic drains and can be installed in any orientation.

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Please handle these batteries with care and respect. The charging voltage and current for this battery should never exceed 7.2 V resp. 4 A. Higher tensions or currents will damage the battery.
Lithium-ion batteries require suitable battery chargers. Automobile or motorcycle chargers for lead/acid batteries can cause damage to Li-Ion batteries because they charge in a different way.
Battery »AGV-802 Small Case« by Antigravity; replaces a 16 Ah AGM battery; W x H x D: 110 x 85 x 60 mm; net weight: 700 g; 6 V; 8 Ah; energy rating: 55.2 Wh; with adhesive backed foam mats; USA
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