There is always an answer.

Sometimes all that is missing is the right question. To prepare you for just that moment, when that question about Life, the Universe and Everything pops up, we keep collecting useful facts from around the motorcycling universe – possibly a little biased towards orbiting Milwaukee irons. Every time we have a new bunch of facts bunged together, we dump it here, so's the world has the chance to get a little wiser.

(Just in case the number 42 doesn't ring even a tiny bell, DON'T PANIC! The book, and the towel complementing the number can be found here).

They ride our Stuff

The people riding our stuff. They know that life's much too short for all the grotty junk.

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Was the first ever V-Twin born in Milwaukee?

This question certainly has inspired countless gearhead get-togethers and many of us... more