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Vanson Trophy Jacket

Classic style rider jacket In typical Vanson fashion, i.e. beautifully made and highest quality. The Trophy jacket is made from 14 oz. black or tan color waxed cotton, known for that perfect feel and protective properties. The Rayon lining, zip close sleeves and snap close collar make this a great jacket to help you survive the wet and cold.

Further features:

  • off center 2-way zip front
  • 2 exterior zip close oversize hand pockets
  • 1 inside lining pocket
  • quilt stitch detail on shoulder and elbow
  • Vanson embroidered on collar
  • Vanson oval on left sleeve

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Waxed Garment

The “wrinkling" of waxed cotton garment happens when the (often new) fabric is bent, folded, worn, etc. Over time this happens less and less. In fact it is not the fabric wrinkling but the wax that leaves these lines at high spots. It is one of the defining characteristics of the product. Like denim, it will break in, develop patina and become very distinctive to the owner.


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