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Jims Pinion Gears

Pinion gears in proven JIMS quality. The color code is identical to the factory codes so they can be used as stock replacement. If the color code is unknown we recommend to order a gear in the middle size range. These sizes fit 9 out of 10 engines and provide adequate clearance under most circumstances. As a rule of thumb it is preferable to allow slightly more gear lash than too little.

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Cam gear noise

While some positive backlash is necessary to prevent gear tooth overloads, excess backlash (“clicking“) may sound annoying but won´t hurt anything. To correct noisy gears use either a larger cam gear or pinion gear. Tight fitting pinion and cam gears will cause very noticeable whining as a result of running with zero backlash which is a serious problem. In this case a smaller cam gear or pinion gear is required.