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Fournales Magnum Aluminum Shock Absorbers

The oil-pneumatic system of Fournales shocks allows an infinitely variable adjustment of the damping pressure which permits correct settings for any riding situation. The inflation valve is hidden under the steel chrome cover which can be screwed off with the shock installed on the bike for pressure adjustments.

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Pressurize Fournales

To adjust pressure all Fournales shocks require special high-pressure pumps. Garage compressors or the next gas station filler will definitely NOT do the job.

Fournales shocks are designed to fit a variety of bike models. Installation therefore might require additional spacers to achieve the correct position.


The design of the oleopneumatic Fournales (pronounced Foor-nah-less) shocks derives from aircraft chassis components where the most rigid standards are applied to material and construction. Soon this technique was adapted by motocross riders but since Fournales shocks not only function flawlessly but also look strikingly it didnt take long that they drew the attention of Harley oriented customizers. They combine rock-solid construction with extra light weight of only 1,2 kg (average) and the adjustable pneumatic system allows specific damping pressures for numerous purposeses, be it comfortable touring or rigid, all-out drag racing. The progressive performance effectively prevents bottoming-out.


  • 80-435

    80-435 Air pump by Progressive Suspension; 0-300 psi = 21 bar max.; gross weight: 260 g