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PanAm Saddlebags

As nice as stock rigid frame saddlebags, or reproductions of them, may look, for those real long hauls they are not what you would call the ideal solution due to their limited storage room. The leather saddlebags offered here were tour equipment on the bikes that we rode to Patagonia and Fireland and to the Northwest Territories/Canada during the W&W World’s End Runs because they offer plenty of storage room for big luggage and more. They mount with Army style pin-strips or two straps, ideally to our PanAm or original heavy duty luggage carriers which feature the matching holes. Made from tough cowhide leather, with three front straps and chrome buckles to close them.

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    43-001 Luggage carrier »Army Style« by PanAm; fits 45 cui./750cc solo models ...

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