Bell Custom 500 Open Face Helmets
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Bell Custom 500 Open Face Helmets

It‘s yesterday‘s style you want, but today‘s safety you need. Introducing the Bell 500. This reincarnation of Bell‘s first ever helmet was conceived in 1954 by Roy Richter and named after the Indianapolis 500. Only a few years later all 33 drivers in the USAC‘s 500 mile race series were wearing Bell helmets. If it‘s 500 miles or just a trip downtown: the Bell 500 is setting new standards for open face helmets: 5 shell sizes for optimum fit and a low profile look. There‘s a fiberglass shell and the interior is made of dual density EPS foam for optimum impact resistance.

  • Low profile thanks to 5 different fiberglass shell sizes
  • Dual density EPS liner for maximum impact protection
  • Quilted liner
  • 5 integrated attachment points for alternative visors
  • Extra soft double-D chin strap
  • ECE R22-05 and DOT certified
  • Weight 1.200g
  • 5 years of manufacturer warranty

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Helmet Sizes

Helmet Sizes

To determine the correct helmet size measure around head one inch above eyebrows and across largest portion of back of head. The number of cm's equals the German helmet size. Use the conversion table to get the American size. Example: head circumference of 58 cm means German size 58 = US size 7-1/4 = medium.


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