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EXE Fuel Additive

Useful fuel additive when the bike gets parked for a longer period, e.g. during winter storage. The pro-tective formula of EXE binds harmful water in the gas tank, prevents deposits in the fuel or injection system and keeps the fuel 100% combustible. This guarantees an easy first start-up the next springtime. Each bottle of EXE contains 150ml of additive which is enough for 25 liters of gas. Suitable for all Harley models, including those with catalytic converter.

  • for storage
  • 150 ml


Pour additive into tank and run engine to ensure that the additive reaches every part of the fuel system (about 10 min.). A can of 150 ml will suffice for a tankful of up to 25 l. Overdosing is innocuous.
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EXE Fuel Additive
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(100 ml = 7.41 €)
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