Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • TWH Board Track Hubs

    TWH Board Track Hubs

    Custom spool hub with a vintage appearance for brakeless wheels. It looks so period it actually could be used in pre-28 Harley-Davidson models without much notice. So if you are ... more

  • PanAm Aloha Shine Motorcycle Cleaner

    PanAm Aloha Shine Motorcycle Cleaner

    Heavy Duty motorcycle cleaner, particularly formulated for motorcycles. It provides superior cleaning without resorting to harsh chemicals or solvents which can leave a ... more

  • S&S Super E and G Carburetors Only - Black Series

    S&S Super E and G Carburetors Only - Black Series

    S&S continues the success story of their Super E and G carbs with a special Black Series edition that was first released for the S&S 55th Anniversary in 2013. These carbs feature ... more

  • Mikuni Iron & Lace Calendar 2020

    Mikuni Iron & Lace Calendar 2020

    Custom Harleys and sexy centerfold models. A month by month look at the finest customized streetbikes of America together with gorgeous models in revealing lingerie. This is a 16 ... more

  • PCP Linkert Insulating Block

    PCP Linkert Insulating Block

    Insulator for Linkert carburetors as used by the factory on Panheads, however it will fit all Linkert applications using the 4 bolt mounting flange. It features an o-ring seal on ... more

  • The Cyclery Transmission Stands

    The Cyclery Transmission Stands

    An essential when working on a transmission. These quality stands clamp into a vise and firmly hold the case during repair and overhaul. more

  • Bates Aerolight

    Bates Aerolight

    This taillight is the very essence of sleek cool. Actually an aviation type lamp which was modified for motorcycle taillight use. The red bowl glass lens is made for rough ... more

  • Pike Brothers 1943 CPO Leather Shirt-Jackets

    Pike Brothers 1943 CPO Leather Shirt-Jackets

    The 1943 U.S. Navy CPO Shirt – a classic shirt for the outdoors. Originally developed in the 1930s it received only slight design changes through the decades. For this version an ... more

  • CMS Bicycle Style Kicker Pedals for Models 1936-1962

    CMS Bicycle Style Kicker Pedals for Models 1936-1962

    Restoration quality kicker pedals by the US manufacturer CMS. These won´t twist or bend and have the ruggedness which is required on bikes which are kick started often. more

  • Dehen Sidewinder Blankets

    Dehen Sidewinder Blankets

    Life is good on a Dehen blanket.
    There are people thrashing their half a century old vintage motorcycles, worth many thousands of euros, through downtown traffic on a Saturday ... more

  • PanAm Open Face Helmets

    PanAm Open Face Helmets

    With this helmet PanAm is celebrating an epic ride that was the starting point of the PanAm brand: they went back to the days when a bunch of intrepid riders were fighting mud, ... more

  • Wells Lamont 1132 Gloves

    Wells Lamont 1132 Gloves

    Made for hard work and to withstand reckless wear and tear: perfect glove specs for motorcycle riders. The 1132 model is manufactured from saddletan grain cowhide features the ... more

  • Fork Tri-Line Heat Shields

    Fork Tri-Line Heat Shields

    Unique heat shields which are cast from aluminum and fit all 1-3/4” (45 mm) pipes. They firmly bolt to small clamp-on adapters which are included. more

  • B2 Superlift CE

    B2 Superlift CE

    When the Minilift is too small and a table lift is too big then the B2 Superlift could be an alternative. Features state-of-the-art shearing construction which allows - unlike ... more

  • TWH Racing Brake Pedal

    TWH Racing Brake Pedal

    Period racing style brake pedal to replace the stock pedal and linkage on W series 45”/750 cc Flatheads. Designed to be used with a footpeg mounted to the footboard support rod or ... more

  • Mooneyes Patches

    Mooneyes Patches

    Small selection of embroidered patches by Mooneyes. more

  • D-Ring Cover Finned

    D-Ring Cover Finned

    Reproduction of the finned D-ring covers made from aluminum alloy.that were a genuine Harley accessory back in the Fifties. Fit all Panheads equipped with steel D-rings. ... more

  • AMAL Throttle Grips

    AMAL Throttle Grips

    Nice and clean throttle assembly made by the renowned company AMAL. It combines smooth function and precise fitment. The aluminum clamp is carfully polished and the sleeve is made ... more

  • The Cyclery Spare Plug Holders for Classic Springer Forks

    The Cyclery Spare Plug Holders for Classic Springer Forks

    A quick answer to the question where to put a set of spare plugs. These adapters screw into the legs of Classic Springer Forks which feature legs with M20 x 1.5 threads at the ... more

  • S&S 883 → 1200 cc Conversion Kit

    S&S 883 → 1200 cc Conversion Kit

    Boost any 883cc Harley-Davidson Sportster to 1200cc without hassle. No machine shop, no rebalancing your stock 883cc flywheels, no cylinder head modifications… The dished piston ... more

  • Stance Moon Man Socks

    Stance Moon Man Socks

    Living astro in a sea of multicolored stripes, Moon Man has earned quite the reputation throughout the cosmos for his razor sharp style and reckless abandon.
    Additional ... more