Hot Stuff in the Shop

  • Cannonball Hydraulic Springer Brake

    Cannonball Hydraulic Springer Brake

    Even more stopping power than with the Duplex brake you can achieve with this hydraulic version of the factory Springer fork brake. Behind the stock looking backing plate hides a ... more

  • DicE Magazines

    DicE Magazines

    If you have gearhead tendencies and want to see motorcycles being put together in the basements, garages, and woodsheds around the world ... the bikes fondled by the wild-eyed and ... more

  • The Cyclery Bosch Type JS 130 Headlight

    The Cyclery Bosch Type JS 130 Headlight

    Back in the Golden Twenties of the past century damaged lights caused by stones or spills were common. Lighting and charging systems were far from being dependable as we are used ... more

  • Dehen Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Dehen Motorcycle Club Sweaters

    Back in the days when Knuckleheads, Flatheads und Panheads were new machines a club sweater was indispensable biker outfit. Many of the original motorcycle club sweaters in the ... more

  • Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Bates BattBoy Battery Box

    Modern gel or Li-Ion batteries offer a significant advantage - they are leak-proof. Those who ever experienced spilled acid in their horseshoe oil tanks will highly appreciate ... more

  • W&W Go West! Tin Mugs

    W&W Go West! Tin Mugs

    After the ride into that perfect sunset you just can't drink your favourite brew from a paper cup. These Go West! enameled tin mugs simply add style, improve flavour and won't ... more

  • LeBeeF Flat Fender Struts Bolt-on

    LeBeeF Flat Fender Struts Bolt-on

    Custom style from the 60’s and 70’s. These sturdy fender struts are cut from 8 mm steel and will make installation of your flat rear fender a lot easier.
    Fully assembled ... more

  • Thrash It - Don't Stash It

    Thrash It - Don't Stash It

    "Thrash It - Do not Stash" It is a pure illustrated book by Patrick Katzman. No text, no ramble, just motorcycles and their builders and owners are portrayed in this book. On the ... more

  • Cannonball Lightning Cam Knucklehead

    Cannonball Lightning Cam Knucklehead

    Precise reproduction of the factory cam as used in 61” OHV Knuckleheads 1936-1939. All measurements and specs were taken from an original example. It features the distinctive six ... more

  • Dehen Naval Crew Sweater

    Dehen Naval Crew Sweater

    An exclusive for W&W is this special version of Dehen’s Naval Crew sweater with iconic striped design. Since the 1950s this style is popular amongst bikers as you can see in the ... more

  • AMAL Style Hand Brake and Clutch Controls

    AMAL Style Hand Brake and Clutch Controls

    The design of these reproduction AMAL style levers goes back to the 1940’s and remained popular ever since. They are very detailed and show excellent craftsmanship. The selection ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Hoodies

    Wrecking Crew Hoodies

    If you look for a top quality hoody, you just found it. We have these Wrecking Crew hoodies made for us by Dickies from rugged 60% cotton and 40% polyester fabric. They feature a ... more

  • Bates Kill Bill Battery Switches

    Bates Kill Bill Battery Switches

    Terminal and thumb screw assembly which can be mounted on any suitable place on the motorcycle. It connects the battery’s ground (negative) terminal and cable with the ... more

  • Coronado Americana Ranger Belts

    Coronado Americana Ranger Belts

    The design of the Ranger Belt was adopted from a cinching technique used in horse tack that allows a strap to be tightened without pinching the horse's hair in the buckle. The ... more

  • The Cyclery Inlet Levers IOE Models

    The Cyclery Inlet Levers IOE Models

    Reproductions of the inlet levers for ioe models of 1916-1929. more

  • The One Motorcycle Show Vol. 1 and 2

    The One Motorcycle Show Vol. 1 and 2

    The story: back in 2010 the author and fellow enthusiasts decided to host a grassroots motorcycle show to replicate all the days and nights spent kicking tires in the garage, ... more

  • Cannonball Panhead Crankcases

    Cannonball Panhead Crankcases

    Reproduction crankcases which meet or exceed highest restoration demands. Cast from state-of-the-art materials and machined on CNC equipment for strength and precise fitment. ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Watch Caps

    Wrecking Crew Watch Caps

    You simply can´t live without it anymore once you added this watch cap to your personal gear. Our Wrecking Crew watch caps are made by Dehen, Oregon/USA which spells quality: 100% ... more

  • CRS GP38 Racing Forks

    CRS GP38 Racing Forks

    In their heydays, i.e. the 1960s and 1970s, Ceriani GP forks were state-of-the-art and notably the adjustabe versions equipped race bikes all over the planet. Today the CRS ... more

  • Wrecking Crew Bolt-On Mid Brake Control

    Wrecking Crew Bolt-On Mid Brake Control

    Mid position brake control which was designed for rigid frame Big Twins with mechanical rear brake. It positions your foot approx. 25 cm towards the rear for a more sporting ... more

  • Coronado Americana Vintage Backpack

    Coronado Americana Vintage Backpack

    Backpacks are so convenient for short rides because you are ready for take-off in no time. The Americana Vintage backpack has a spacious main compartment which opens wide with a ... more

  • Bates Skid Plate Baja

    Bates Skid Plate Baja

    Leaving the road on your Sporty you risk the underbody of your bike being rock blasted by nasty gravel particles. There are ruts and potholes just waiting to scrape your frame. ... more

  • Spark Plugs #3: 45”, V Models and Knuckleheads Air-cooled

    Spark Plugs #3: 45”, V Models and Knuckleheads Air-cooled

    Reproductions of the Beck #3 "air-cooled" spark plugs as they were offered back in the days. Highly similar to the expensive originals by both form and function. more

  • PanAm Full-Synth Oil SAE 20W-50

    PanAm Full-Synth Oil SAE 20W-50

    Our premium multigrade engine lubricant. 100% synthetic. For unrestricted usage in engine, wet clutches, primary drives and transmissions. Better engine protection, more positive ... more