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If you are one of those people who think nothing of riding a 40, 50, even 60 year old heap of iron across modern day traffic, you probably already have a working relation to much clamored for sustainability.

Regular users of Milwaukee machinery also have a well developed sense for the advantages of perfect tools. This holds true of course off the road and in the garage as well. Here’s a good example: Knives. Sure enough for only a few euros you can buy ferrous contraptions that are legally entitled to the name “knife”. And then there is Fällkniven.

Fällkniven knives have been made in Sweden ever since 1984. They are being produced in a family business, whose founders pride themselves of decades of outdoor experience as hunters and fishermen. Indeed they seem to know what knife making is all about: the steel, the materials for the grips, the sheaths – Fällkniven leaves nothing to chance.

Only exclusive special steels are being used, e.g. laminated Super Gold Powder Steel SGPS, which not only is expensive but also hard to work. It needs the experienced hand of a seasoned smith, but rewards the owner with a edge holding performance bordering on the unbelievable.

When it comes to grip materials, the ladies and gentlemen at Fällkniven aren’t sparing the horses either: Leather, bone, precious Cocobolo wood, Grilon (one of the most stable and durable polyamides), it’s all there.

The Swedes are especially proud of their high standards for their sheaths. There are beautiful and well made classic leather sheaths; government agencies prefer the sheaths injection moulded from the very tough and weather proof Zytel.

Plus, the Fällkniven knives even look good, courtesy of the Scandinavian penchant for clean, simple and timeless forms. Small wonder that the Swedish crown has elected Fällkniven as official purveyours.

W&W feels honoured to be able to offer a selection of these noble pieces of cutting art. We reasoned, why shouldn’t a knife inspire our lives as long as a heap of Milwaukee hardware?