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Once upon a time, in the 1970’s, there were beautiful, unique helmets, which later on unfortunately became extinct. It became more and more difficult to find such Jets, even used, and you had to stroll over small flea markets and travel lots of miles to find one to take home, which then still had to have the complete rotten interior replaced. But now, thank God, we have Seventies Helmets.

Seventies Helmets rose from a bunch of buddies who shared the passion for items from the 1970’s and for real motorcycles, those which really count, that is. Combining creativity and knowledge about materials they experimented until, in 2006, the first helmet saw the light of day, the first perfect piece, which deserved the name Seventies Helmet. It was silver, and beautiful. Each spot refelected the light, smooth as silk, weight and proportions perfect, inside cushions absorbing everything except for the rumble of the engine. This was it!

Wildly determined new helmets with new colours are created. Gold - a success, Royal Blue - big hit. And it goes on with Vintage Acid Green, gorgeous - Fire Red, Fucxia and Golden Orange.

So the story continues. Just as a try a few helmets were made for friends and friends of friends, and hell, why not, for the friends of friends of friends. Soon production reached more than 100 which were sold to Gremany, Denmark, Spain and right at the next corner.

Two happy years pass by, always with the hands dirty until the Seventies friends asked themselves: stop now or go on? But the helmets simply were too nice to be discontinued and there were simply too many dark workshops, hazy garages and smoky bars which had to be illuminated by the gleam of Metal Flakes. So no question, let´s keep going!

Another year was spentto search for suppliers of materials like fabrics, D-rings and other stuff that looked just as it was made more than 30 years ago. Then all was ready to start. Seventies Helmets began to manufacture collectors’ helmets, EC-approved for public road use, with Metal Flake or pastel colours, with contemporary or Vintage styles.

Let Seventies Helmets colour your dreams!

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