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Trabert Egerling Boots

Trabert Egerling Boots

High quality boots made by the old-established German company Trabert. The "Egerling" boots are handmade by expert craftsmen in a mountainous area called Rhön in Bavaria. The material they use is Swiss made Russia leather. For this special leather the whole hide is used, nothing is scraped off, split off or otherwise processed to make the hide thinner. The natural and gentle tanning is carried out completeley vegetable with willow, birch, or oak bark. The muscle side is impregnated with a phenolic oil distilled from European birch. This process yields an unmatched toughness and ruggedness against mechanical strain and humidity. Each boot is leather-lined, double-stitched and equipped with a calf-buckle, slip-in loops, leather insole and a rugged outer Vibram grip sole from rubber. The shaft length is approx. 36 cm.

  • cowhide, brown
  • Germany
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Trabert Egerling Boots
shoe size (gentlemen): EU 40 → US 7.5
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