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Krowdrace, Meissen, D

Krowdrace, Meissen, D

End-of-season race meeting anyone? Germany may not be world famous for its flat track racing scene, but, keeping well under the radar there’s an active, international group of go fast, turn left aficionados, ready to sling mud and eat dust at the drop of the starting flag all day long was here for one last day of racing. Would you believe they have half mile tracks hidden away in this country?

A multinational group of about a hundred "fast and loud" loving people has come together since 2019 under the "Krowdrace" banner. These folks have been organizing a series of events, in spite of all the spanners the world has been throwing in the works during the last two years. They even managed to attract Harley-Davidson’s forever arch nemesis Indian as a sponsor.

Our scouts Rudi and Nobbi came away impressed

by the beautiful October weather and the friendly vibes permeating the venue, with none of the notoriously over the top styled food and apparel outlets usually on hand. All there was was just racing plain and simple, in many classes from Youth and Newbie up to Pro and Hooligan so everyone could have fun. Though what got our harlistas really going was the Vintage class of course.

A couple of very nice V-twins was seen thundering around the track, but even the most recent late model flat track burners kept the fun, noise and suspense level way up among amateur and pro riders and their tech support, friends, fans and families. There even were a few spectators.