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2012: Mooneyes Swapmeet, Tokyo, J

If, however, you arrive at a late-ish 10:30,

as our reporting crew Nobbi-san did, you not only have to live with a somewhat reduced choice of vintage goodies, but also with the sun beating down on the parking lot mercilessly. And if you then notice, that the swapmeet will close at 15:30 again, you have to haul ass to get a quick overview over the masses of parts on display. Which isn't made easier by the boiling heat. There are vintage Linkert carbs, vintage tail lights, kicker pedals from the 50s, well-aged Goodyear tyres sizzling in the shadeless lot – the list goes on and on.

If you're not the wrenching kind

and/or are on the lookout for some welcome birthday presents, look no further. This is the place to blow your hard-earned for, say, a nice T-shirt to replace your sweated through one, or some nifty Moon accessories, courtesy of MOON Speed Equipment, the title sponsor of the event. Everybody should be able to come home with a sufficiently lightened wallet. And with the secure knowledge that this year again Shige San and his crew put up a first rate show. Domo arigato dudes!