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LiveWire @ W&W work bench

LiveWire @ W&W work bench

W&W CYCLES came into being because there's people who don't just go with the stuff industry throws at them. It was that way when Shovelheads could be bought brand new – and the LiveWire won't change that. When we see a Harley in front if us, we want to fiddle with it.

Man, did we have fun when we picked it up. Sitting on something that says Harley-Davidson on the badge, and then get this monumental off-the-mark acceleration, that's something to write home about for sure. (if sportsbike owners find this amusing, let's talk it over at the next traffic lights)

Our curiosity takes an entirely different direction however: When our favourite brand of agricultural machinery drops a machine like this into their showrooms, we see a lot of question marks popping up, and not just in our own faces. The biggest are behind these questions: What can it really do, and, what does it look like, or rather, how do we want it to look like?

Right, pop her into our garage, grab some tools and have a good look see. OK, there's a clear off limits zone, marked by heavy duty cables and warning stickers: High voltage, high amps, no touching.

The rest is nice and simple,

the complete tail section is connected to the frame with just 4 bolts. The strange rear fender-taillight-license plate contraption looks like an afterthought, cobbled together in a hurry just before deliveries started. The good news is, it can be removed quicker than it takes to say:"let's get another beer from the fridge". A cooler solution is just some mild steel bar stock and an angle grinder away.

The dual circuitry (high voltage for the engine and battery, conventional 12 volts for all the rest) and the simple connectors with some sound engineering behind them make it possible to remove components, and the bike keeps on running. That's not so easy with some of the late model Harleys carrying a lot of electronics.

So it's easy to fit some cool custom turn signal with no problems, and we bet there's a load of stuff in our warehouse that wants to be checked out for fit. We're really stoked to see some nice changes here.

The next step will be some real road riding. Drive her through her paces, downtown, cross country, gravel. Keep an eye on that battery gauge there, charge her up and burn away again. We even have an idea where we could do this. Can't wait to ride in the sun.