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Custom Bike Show, Norrtälje, S

Forks so long that the front wheels can get lost in the fog, a compressed air driven V2, loads of inspired Evo builds, a new category for custom e-bikes and a 1974 show winner back from the tomb. All this can mean only one thing: the Twin Club MC Norrtälje has asked to its Custom Bike Show.
Two more good reasons for having a party: The club is in its 50th year, and it's the 45th Custom Show. Since we first started coming here, every year there's jaw dropping bikes. When in your jaded little mind you think you have seen almost anything there is, something like Peter Forsberg's seriously stunning steampunk sled comes rolling around the bend, blowing your mind. Being driven by compressed air, its glass-and-metal V-twin manages to run for just 3 minutes, but what a blast (pardon the pun) this bike is! The amazing Peter took 3 years to develop and build this mechanical marvel, complete with see-through cylinders, enigmatic steering geometry, loopy frame, top hat, goggles and all.

As befits the North, lots of the some 200 bikes had longer than average front ends. A growing number of Evos indicated that the long unloved Shovel successor has arrived in the custom scene. Many choppers, bobbers, racers, baggers and whatnot clearly showed that builders are embracing the challenge with all their nordic heart.

From Evos to e-mobiles it wasn't a big leap here in Norrtälje, a creative scene is having fun with e-bike customs, and we're looking forward to seeing more of them here and in a lot of other events.