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Paughco Teardrop Low Tunnel Gas Tank

Steel gas tanks with a nicely shaped Teardrop design. Look great on skinny choppers. Fore and aft tabs allow for universal installation.

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All gas tanks by W&W Cycles are delivered unpainted and unsealed. Before the paint job and final installation please consider the following:

  • We consistently receive tight gas tanks from the manufacturers, both Custom and OEM replacements.
  • Problems mostly occur during or after installation. Hence, BEFORE a pressure test and BEFORE painting - a probationary (STRESS-FREE!) installation is highly recommended. Any leverage on the tank mounts spells trouble. Better use our selection of small parts.
  • To avoid corrosion always fill your tank to the max during longer downtimes or seal it on the inside.
Gas tank »Teardrop Low Tunnel« by Paughco, steel, bare, 8.4 l, required gas cap: cam-style 1955-1982, petcock thread: 2 x 1/4” NPT, USA
W&W# Picture Price incl. VAT* Available from warehouse Germany?
35-071 Paughco Teardrop Low Tunnel Gas Tank 276.60 € each
in stock
* The price includes German VAT (19% or reduced rate of 7% for Books).


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