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S&S Super Stock Ignition

The S&S Super Stock ignition is primarily intended for complete S&S engines that were not sold with an ignition system. In addition, it is also a good choice for use with S&S Sidewinder kits and S&S Hot Set Up kits that are of the same configuration. Example: the SuperStock ignition system for a complete 96“ Evolution style S&S engine would be a great choice for an FLSS 96 Hot Set Up kit for Evolution big twin style engines since the displacement, compression ratio, cam, and cylinder heads are identical. The Super Stock ignition module fits inside the cam cover, under the ignition cover of the engine just like many other aftermarket ignitions. Generator style engines require a special timer and reverse timer gears. Keep in mind that the curves are preset for a specific S&S engine, and that modules intended for one engine may not yield optimum results when used on another configuration.

Although the new S&S ignition does not offer any adjustments other than basic timing set up, that should not be viewed as a problem. You don‘t need to adjust anything. S&S has already done it for you. That‘s what makes this ignition special. The ignition curves programmed into each ignition unit are custom tailored for a specific S&S engine. Every S&S engine has a recommended S&S Super Stock Ignition system available. In addition to custom tailored curves, the module makes use of a VOES vacuum operated electrical switch to adjust timing under load or heavy acceleration to avoid detonation or knock. Who knows what your S&S engine needs better than the people who built it?


  • Single fire operation – requires a single firecoil for single spark plug applications with 3 Ohms primary resistance.
  • Dual plugged applications require a pair of dual tower coils or a single four tower coil.
  • Overload and short circuit protected.
  • VOES retards timing under load or hardacceleration.
  • 6300 rpm rev limiter.
  • 24 hr break in rev limiter – prevents damage during break-in.
  • Data logging diagnostic capabilities.
  • All units can be set to electric start or kick start mode.

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Ignition system »Super Stock«, 12 V, primary resistance: 2 x 3 Ω, with pick-up rotor, mounting screws, VOES switch with hardware and wiring connectors
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12-523 S&S Super Stock Ignition for S&S SH103 $265.62 kit
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