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Let’s rewind time a little, say, 80, 90, or 100 years and switch into black and white mode. Let’s imagine thundering, brakeless machines, barreling around board tracks, flat tracks and dirt tracks, kicking up the dust and the oil fumes, their riders hunched way down, their throttles wide open all the time. Screaming metal, burning steel, reduced to the absolute essentials, sleek, lightweight and loud as hell …

It’s kinda easy for true Harley aficionados

to get inspired by the awesome racers that intrepid riders such as Red Parkhurst, Jim Davis or Joe Petrali thrashed around America’s race tracks. Why not transplant some of that spirit on to one’s own bike and get a step closer to those heroes of yore.

Racing vintage Harleys of the 1910s to 30s

has been one of our favorite pastimes over the years. More than once we hit a wall though, when parts, needed to replace the crumbling vintage innards of our machines, were hard to find. Those narrow tanks and low slung handlebars, period correct seats, magneto ignitions, hubs, rims, throttle cables, switches, all that stuff essential to keep those classics rolling just wasn’t there.

At some point we began to have non-existent parts reproduced

by craftsmen using traditional methods. True to our motto “We race it, we sell it.”, we built up a range of parts that not only can help to revive the old clunkers, but carries a load of inspiration for late model sleds too. An Evo engined board tracker? It can be done. If it’s vintage or late model, our team of Harley riding phone operators is there when you need them. Ask them all those questions about your Harley of today, yesterday or – as just described – the beginning of all time.