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And by „The Past“ we don’t mean the past that’s still fairly visible in your current V-Twin’s rear view mirrors.

No, Sir, we’re talking about Milwaukee hardware that wore down their balloon tires way beyond the smoke of the Second World War. In this section we’re talking about Harleys through 1936.

No big surprise then, that the supply of spare parts for these vehicles is somewhat marginal, concerning either quantity or quality. By some good fortune we have among our people one or two knowledgeable V-Twin historians who do their own wrenching on pre war machinery. And they’ve got enough balls to go racing with those old clunkers too.

So, true to our motto „We ride it, we sell it“, a long time ago we started to source and make available those quality parts for maintenance and restoration of pre war Harleys.

Top of the list in this almost archeological quest for the right parts were of course the alternatively unfindable or way too expensive IOE forks. In their time these forks were so successful that not only H-D used them for some 20 years; other manufacturers such as Brough Superior were, let’s say, inspired by them.

And what do you know, after exhaustive research and comparison we succeeded in finding a manufacturer who is making these forks with today’s technology and materials. The quality is what you would expect from W&W Cycles. We’re proud to offer replica forks for F and J models from 1925 through 1929.

The other good news is this: browsing this section you might even find some inspiration for your contemporary project.

Either historical, or fresh off the Milwaukee assembly lines, whatever your bike, our people on the phone are always working full throttle to answer as many of your questions as thoroughly as possible. May they concern today’s Harleys, those of yesterday, or those of a loooong way in the past.