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The ride to the other end of the thermometer

And finally you’re really there. Yes, you feel prepared. There are heavy duty arctic parkas. Thermo socks. Sports underwear to deal with sweat, woolen undies to catch some warmth. Gloves that promise windbreaking superness. Balaclavas made of wool. Woollen knitted caps. You put on everything - and now? What’s lurking out there? There’s no thermometers in sight. Wouldn‘t be helpful anyway. People round here know the weather conditions: way cold. And then the first step outside.

There’s this thought creeping up: Hey, it’s not as cold as I - bamm! That’s when you’re hit by the cold. With the full impact of minus 35 degrees Celsius. Right in your face. Biting your skin in a blink - so it‘s back to the balaclava double-quick. The lungs react irritably. Short, dry coughs. But hey, we all wanted it and knew where we were going. Today is the first day and the big one as well: today we get the bikes on the road.